Annot, its walks and excursions - Sport & nature
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Annot - 2000 years of history.

Annot is a lovely village
that combines medieval charm with actual Provencal style
in a wonderfully relaxed fashion.
It is also a great place for mountain sports as well as quiet walks.

Annot is located at the extreme east of the Verdon (15km from Castellane),
and neighboring the village of Entrevaux by the South, at 10km.

At the edge of the Mercantour,
Annot is the starting point for many excursions, by walk or by car.

Ideally located between sea and mountains,
many opportunities are available.

Visit the website of the Tourism Office for more informations

Annot is situated between Nice and Dignes-les-Bains
and can most easily be reached on the « 
Train des Pignes »,
a slow-moving but very scenic train ride through the Var valley.
The "Land of Annot" shelters 40 km2 around
an amazing chaos of blocks of sandstone,
they are 45 million years old (during the formation of the Alps.)
These sandstones, very famous,
their scientific name "Grès d'Annot" Comes from the geologist Scipion Gras
have been the object for more than 150 years
of numerous geological and archaeological studies .

Annot Chambre d'hote
The "Train des Pignes"Annot Chambre d'hote
"Grès d'Annot" Annot Chambre d'hote

The "Land of Annot" - The walks :

At 700 meters above sea level, you can first discover
12th century village, classified Village of Character,
You will appreciate its old pedestrian streets, its laundries,
Its unique historical path in the area, its chapels ...

From the village you can enjoy the impressive rock formations
by following the Chambre du Roi
"House of the King";
a hiking trail that starts behind the train station
and loops round through forests back to the village.
It takes around 1h.30 and is reasonably flat.

The bravest will be able to perform a big loop
by the valley of the Beite taking the old Roman road,
Annot-Argenton (it takes around 3h.30).

Go up to the top of the "Baou",
from where you will have a magnificent viewpoint on the village
and its whole valley
(it takes around 1h.30)

Jean-Louis Damon, local historian and his collaborator, Nathalie Lequet,
Offer you to discover these high places full of history,
Through discovery walks accessible to any valid person.
Find out more about these discoveries walks HERE

And even horse riding: Centre Equestre de Vérimande

Annot (one of the 4 laundries) Annot Chambre d'hote
Les Portettes (around the Chambre du roi)Annot Chambre d'hote
The "Baou" Annot Chambre d'hote

The "Land of Annot" - By car :

The gorges of the Verdon are at half an hour of Annot, by Castellane

The Daluis gorges (15 mn)
As well as the gorges of Cians and its red rocks (mudstone)

Colmars-les-Alpes, former fortified town by Vauban
Which became French after the Savoyard domination.

The Bonnette pass (1h.30). Ce col de 2715m,
A superb lunar landscape, the highest pass in Europe.

The Cayolle pass (1h) 2327m
Where you will have the opportunity to meet very friendly marmots.

The Mercantour park (30 mn).
One of the largest national parks in France
Which extends on the southern side of the Alps and in Italy,
with the famous Lake of Allos.

And also :

1 hour from Nice and the Riviera coast

10 minutes from the village of Entrevaux fortified by Vauban

20 minutes from the lake of Castillon and its beach.

45 minutes from the plateau of Valensole and its beautiful lavender fields.

The Verdon Annot Chambre d'hote
Daluis Annot Chambre d'hote
Lake of AllosAnnot Chambre d'hote
Annot Chambre d'hote
Lake of Castillon
Annot Chambre d'hote
Lavender fields of Valensole
Annot Chambre d'hote

Sport & nature activities :

Rafting in Castellane
Rafting, canyoning & kayak in the Verdon gorges
& around Castellane.
Canyoning in the South East
State-qualified instructors,
discover the most beautiful canyons
Of the South East of France.

We hope you will be here for a long time with us and we wish you a wonderful stay in Annot.